I have been diving since 2003. I took my first camera underwater in 2004 - a Sea and Sea Motormarine II. I have dived extensively in the Arabian gulf and the Musandam. I have also travelled and dived Malaysia, Philipines, Egypt (Sinai peninsula), Ireland and Oman. I now Live in Queensland in Australia, where we enjoy diving with Mantas, Sharks and Turtles. Truly a fine place to live and dive!

    I use Nikon cameras, Nikkor, Tolkina and Sigma Lenses, Aquatica housings, Inon flash, TLC and UCLS arms. RAW conversion and any post processing that i do is completed through Adobe Light room.

    I hope that you enjoy my photos as much as i enjoy taking them.

    Happy Diving!

    Alastair McGregor